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What I found most interesting about the book was the discussion around narcissism and dating.Most of the people you get involved with will fall far short of this full-blown personality disorder, but there are definitely people out there who have unjustifiably high self-esteem, and they are terrible relationship risks.By some accounts, Turkey currently accounts for one-third of all journalists imprisoned around the world.Bianet's final 2015 monitoring report confirmed this trend and underlined that once regained majority after the AKP interim government period, the Turkish government further intensified its pressure on the country's media.Ignoring him or humiliating him by failing to give him the starring role, or any role, is the only way to cause real injury to a narcissist.It also happens to be the best way for you to move on. The city Department of Education is urging principals to warn parents about the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” which focuses on a student who leaves behind 13 audio tapes before committing suicide.Officials drafted a letter to forward to parents about popular series.

Principals were also provided with other sources for guidance, including the Jed Foundation, the National Association of School Psychologists and Love is Respect, a site about dating and preventing and ending abusive relationships.

Twenge and Campbell make the argument that narcissism is rampant, causing depression and loneliness as it spreads throughout our culture.

I’ll reserve judgment on the question of the pervasiveness of narcissism – I know many young people, and very few meet the definition, in my view.

Meanwhile, the government continued to use the financial and other leverage it holds over media owners to influence coverage of politically sensitive issues.

Several dozen journalists, including prominent columnists, lost their jobs as a result of such pressure during the year, and those who remained had to operate in a climate of increasing self-censorship and media polarization.

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“If your child is talking about this series or you are aware that they are watching it, ask them what they are thinking about,” says the letter.